Metal treatment     Trimming     Brushes for drilling machines  
FEBO knotted brushes for single hand- and angle grinders are an all-purpose tool for treating keyseats, edges, surfaces (also concrete) as well as for trimming, derusting and descaling. The knotted fill allows for excellent results.   For an optimal trimming job our FEBO trimming rollers are ideal on stationary trimming machines. Depending on you individual problem (from pipe trimming up to treatment of cutting edges) FEBO offers the perfect roller.

For all kinds of rough works the FEBO special shaft brushes with knotted cast steel- or V2A wire are perfect for use. These brushes are known for their aggressive brushing behaviour.
Also for aggressive surface treatment we recommend the FEBO knotted wire end brush.

For treatment of soiled inner surfaces or for removing slag, rust or paint we recommend our assortment of FEBO tool wheel brushes. You can also purchase these wheel brushes with antimagnetic fill.

The FEBO cup brush is used on larger surfaces. If you need to do more detailed work (for example on hard to reach spots) we recommend the FEBO tool end brush or the FEBO wire end brush.

Treatment of metal surfaces    
Metal surfaces (for example steel plates and –sheets) are preferably treated with FEBO cup brushes for angle grinders. For smaller surfaces as well as for the use with drilling machines the FEBO cup brushes or the FEBO wheel brushes, together with the corresponding shaft, are used.

Treatment of welding seams     Grinding with a drilling machine    
For the treatment of welding seams we request the use of an angle grinder with knotted FEBO wheel- or cup brushes. These brushes are highly efficient with an aggressive behaviour. Small spots or hard to reach surfaces (just like keyseats, corners) should preferably be treated with end brushes or cone brushes.   If you have to treat sensitive surfaces you can use a FEBO grinding wheel-, cup- or grinding end brush. Depending on the application these brushes have an 80-, 120-, 180- or 320-grit.
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