Fill materials   Safety precautions

Steel wire

has a high flexural fatigue and tensile strength. Range of application is metal surface treatment as well as trimming.

V2A wire, stainless steel
brushes with stainless steel wire (material no.: 1.4301/1.4310) are used where stainless steel, aluminium or non-ferrous metals are to be treated. The fill is corrosion- and temperature resistant.

Brass-plated steel wire
comes from the tire industry where it is used to make radial tires. This tire has a high proportion of carbon. The fill is rust-protected and of high tensile strength.

Brass wires, bronze wires
are used for treating non-ferrous metals. This fill is softer than the before mentioned steel- und V2A wires and preferably used for sensitive applications and in areas where flying sparks have to be prevented.

Grinding bristles
are preferably used for grinding, polishing or cleaning jobs on sensitive surfaces (for example precious metal and synthetics). The flexible bristles are made of polyamide, have a full layer of various grit sizes and adjust to the work piece when in use.

Synthetic fill
is mostly used for cleaning jobs. Synthetic fills are abrasion-resistant.

is a vegetable fibre from the agave plant. This fill also is preferably used for cleaning jobs and due to its minor grinding efficiency especially used for soft surfaces like wood.

Horse hair
is preferably used for easy cleaning jobs (broom and hand brush for workshops).


After unpacking please check the brush for any signs of damage before use.

Pay attention to the safety precautions of your working tools and see to a correct mounting of your brush.

Always use protective eye wear, if necessary protective clothing and safety gloves when operating brushes together with machines.

See to proper care with work piece and brush.

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